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Mount St. Mary Academy hosts Mark Talley, founder of Agents For Advocacy


Mount St. Mary Academy’s annual Service and Justice Days offered its students a hands-on opportunity for to gain learning experience concerning real-world problems affecting our society today. Instead of holding traditional classes on these days, students participate in 1-of-10 featured workshops showcasing topics such as absentee landlords in East Buffalo and the adverse health effects it can have on tenants, working with resources within the local community which support vulnerable moms living in poverty during and after pregnancy, identifying and analyzing geographic poverty in East Buffalo such as redlining or redistricting, and building beds for underprivileged children in the local community.

Mount St. Mary Academy welcomed Mark Talley, the founder of Agents For Advocacy, as the Opening Keynote Speaker for their Service & Justice Days. (Photo courtesy of Mount St. Mary Academy) 

For the past four years, this immersive experience has allowed students to put their education to use in a whole new meaningful way.

Guest speaker Mark Talley came to inspire MSM students to consider the ways they can be positive agents of change in the face of injustice.

Talley is the founder and director of Agents For Advocacy, an organization dedicated to

combating systematic racism and providing awareness on socioeconomic equality and equitable issues. He created this organization after his mother, Geraldine C. Talley, perished in the May 14 shooting at the Jefferson Avenue Tops Market.


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