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175 Look Forward: October’s Day of Service 


To celebrate the 175th anniversary of the Buffalo Diocese, Bishop Michael W. Fisher would like to emulate the generosity of Jesus by holding a diocesan-wide Day of Service on Oct. 22.

The 175th anniversary of the establishment of the Diocese of Buffalo is a reminder that we are all called to put our faith into action and to shape the communities in which we live to reflect the Kingdom of God. To serve each other, especially those in need, is to serve Christ. All are encouraged to participate in a Diocesan Day of Service.

Some parishes will make care packages with snacks, candy and easy to make meals for college students. Others will make gift bags for the young patients of John R. Oishei Children’s Hospital. One parish is picking up some senior citizens and taking them out for ice cream.

Suggestions include cleaning and repairing parish rooms, groundskeeping, Mass and lunch with the homebound elderly, and parish hunger walks. Collections are also being held for parish outreach centers.

This is a great opportunity for Family of Parishes to work together and get to know each other.

Opportunities are planned on the vicariate and parish levels to allow all to participate. 


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