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MOMS Ministry: 20 years blessed


On Holy Thursday, May 26, some members of the St. Greg’s MOMS Ministry, spanning two decades, were able to celebrate the 20th anniversary breakfast at Brookfield Country Club. The morning was filled with coffee and fellowship, which felt more like a reunion. A rosary for peace was said for the unrest in the world and in our brokenhearted city. Praise and worship songs were accompanied by spiritual moderator Father Bill Quinilvan who also blessed the children in the wombs of expectant mothers.

Richelle Weber holds newborn Joseph while reading
a MOMS Reflection as Dr. Theresa Updikes follows along. (Photo courtesy of St. Gregory the Great Parish.)

Original MOMS member Nina Kresse chuckled when everyone recited the prayer following the crowning of Mary, “MOMS taught me that prayer. Where else could you find this many women who know all the words to the Memorare?”

Mothers reflected on the challenges faced in Catholic parenting over the past 20 years. One mother stated, “20 years ago, who would have ever thought that pot would be legal when we were teaching our children to ‘Just Say No.’” Funds and items were also collected as moms supported Ukrainian refugee mothers.

In 2018, each member pledged to pray and fast for a spiritually adopted diocesan priest. Bishop Michael W. Fisher’s spiritual mother displayed a few words of encouragement written by him to support us in ministry. A spiritual bouquet was then prepared by those in attendance for him as a gift.

MOMS Ministry, located at St. Gregory the Great Parish in Williamsville, has attracted mothers from as far north as Niagara Falls, Grand Island and North Buffalo, many throughout the Northeastern Vicariate and some in the south towns from Springbrook. Members are Catholic pediatricians, nurses, teachers, and mothers of priests and seminarians.

MOMS was created in 2001 by moms, for moms, to help Catholic mothers feel supported in their vocation. It kicked off with a tea in 2002 at a time when only Protestant churches were offering ministries with childcare for young mothers.

Whether a mother comes for one morning to hear an inspirational speaker, monthly to pray in community, as needed to connect with other spiritual women or merely for the free childcare, every mom is welcome to participate in all that MOMS has to offer to assist in her spiritual journey; book club, rosary walks, mini retreats, spiritual pilgrimages, playdates and weekly MOMZoom Rosary & Holy Hour created due to Covid.

After recalling the challenges of raising kids when cell phones were introduced, witnessing 9-11, the shutdown of our Church in the midst of a global pandemic, and quite possibly a post Roe America, Lori Hogg said it best, “Some of my closest and deepest spiritual friendships were made through this ministry and I am grateful.”  

To learn more about starting a MOMS Ministry in your family of parishes, contact Dawn Iacono at stgregsmoms@gmail.com.


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