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St. Bonaventure’s online M.A. in Leadership program offering $6,000 scholarship


ST. BONAVENTURE — St. Bonaventure University now offers an 18-credit minor in Leadership.

The program, open to all degree-seeking undergraduate students regardless of their majors, offers a curriculum that spans academic schools at the university. The program features electives from 13 different academic departments. The program stems from the Bonaventure mission of bringing out the best in every individual, preparing students for the challenges faced in their upcoming professional careers, and manifesting their values in becoming good citizens.

The scope of the leadership minor is to provide the tools that will enable students to ethically influence people though purpose, direction and motivation.
Through mentorship, personal development and internship opportunities, the minor prepares students to serve effectively in formal and informal leadership roles on campus and in their lifelong pursuits.

Students who complete the minor will be equipped with the leadership skills sought by most organizations today: trustworthiness, and the ability to effectively communicate, motivate and delegate.

The program includes nine credits of leadership theory, six credits of leadership development, and three credits of a capstone experience. No single course is required; rather, students can choose from a wide-ranging suite of electives to fulfill the program requirements.

St. Bonaventure University is also offering a $6,000 Courageous Leadership Scholarship for students planning to begin its online Master of Arts in Leadership program in January.

Students must first be accepted into the program before applying for the scholarship; a limited number of scholarships are available. Students can enroll in the program with a B.A. or B.S. in any field, and no GRE/GMAT is required.

 “As all current and aspiring leaders continue to adapt to the new normal of our world, empathy, compassion, resiliency, and courage are more important than ever,” said Dr. Kimberly DeSimone, director of the leadership program. “These traits align perfectly with our Franciscan values of compassion, integrity and wisdom. We need leaders who can deliver on our mission and are aligned with these values.”

The $6,000 scholarship will be spread evenly throughout the program. Students have to complete the entire degree to receive the full scholarship benefit and scholarship funds cannot be combined with any other St. Bonaventure tuition awards.

Once accepted into the program, scholarship applicants must submit a 500- to 750-word, double-spaced essay or a 3- to 5-minute video on how they have, or how they plan to, challenge the status quo and create necessary change reflective of a more communal, compassionate world.

 Students already accepted into the program are eligible to apply for the scholarship. The deadline to apply is Jan. 2, 2022.


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