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There’s no place like home


Kids at Immaculate Conception Parish in East Aurora have fun during Family Bible School in July. Photo courtesy of Immaculate Conception

EAST AURORA — On July 13 and 14, families with children in kindergarten through grade six gathered for a Family Bible School at Immaculate Conception School. The theme was “There’s No Place Like Home” with a focus on our church as our home.

The first night the children learned about Jesus’ parables, miracles, and His call of the Apostles in a three-part quest connected to the Scarecrow, Tin Woodsman and Lion from “The Wizard of Oz.” People using their brains to understand parables, relates to the Scarecrow. The Tin Woodsman receiving a heart represents experiencing God’s love through discipleship. Having the fortitude to become a disciple takes the courage of a lion.

Each quest gave them part of the combination that opened a treasure chest at the end of the yellow brick road. Inside the chest was a cross for their home. The second night included a Church Scavenger Hunt which taught them more about our building, and they prayed St. Joseph’s Prayer for Families in front of the outdoor St. Joseph Statue. 

Each night began and ended with singing and prayer in the church. It was great to see the children so excited to return the second night. Their joy, excitement and enthusiastic singing voices filled our church.