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Twenty-year-old North Tonawanda woman who fought virus discharged from Kenmore Mercy


Talia Kalisiak, a 20-year-old North Tonawanda woman hospitalized with COVID-19 since November 11 finally made her way home on February 3 thanks to the Medical Rehabilitation team at Kenmore Mercy Hospital. While the elderly are particularly vulnerable to serious complications from the illness, younger adults like Kalisiak, are far from immune.

She urges young people to take it seriously. “Wear your mask, wash your hands, social distance. COVID is very real.”

Courtesy of Kenmore Mercy Hospital Twenty-year-old, Talia Kalisiak of North Tonawanda is discharged from Kenmore Mercy after being hospitalized with COVID-19 since November 11.

Kalisiak started showing symptoms on November 2, a few days after visiting with friends. It turned out that they, along with her family ended up with the virus also. On November 11, her father drove her to the hospital and shortly after, she was put in a medically induced coma while on a ventilator for 27 days. 

She cries as she talks about how her family prayed for her recovery. And on January 6, they were rejoiced to see their daughter transferred to Kenmore Mercy Hospital.

The Medical Rehabilitation team there has helped her build her strength, learn how to walk independently again and build endurance.

“When COVID patients come over to our unit, we provide those them with three hours a day of intense rehab which is physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech language pathology,” Kevin Gibson, Catholic Health’s rehabilitation director.

Nurses and staff members at Kenmore Mercy Hospital gathered today to celebrate Kalisiak’s remarkable recovery and send her onto the next step in her journey.  While heading home, she will continue rehabilitation with homecare staff.

Her family plans to celebrate her return, along with all the holidays they missed together.


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