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Jesus is Everything


This past January as part of the celebration for National Day of Prayer for the African-American and African Family, Father Jim Goode, OFM, founder of this day in 1989, shared with us a reflection by Therese Wilson. I would like to share the reflection with all of you as a meditation as we finish our Lenten season and go into the Easter season. We together are working through this coronavirus crisis, so in the midst of all the chaos in our world we have to be reminded that Jesus is everything. We may not see it at this moment but we have to be constantly reminded and we have to remind others, because knowing this allows us to be lifted up through every single day and every single moment.

Jesus is everything: If you and yours feel like raging waters are trying to drown you and uncertainty is surrounding you, hold on, look at what Jesus did for the woman at the well (John 4:4-42). She turned a new page in her life and received life-giving waters from Jesus. Jesus is who He is, promising that, My Father never stops working, and so I keep working too (John 5:17). Maybe you and yours were disrespected by somebody who was trying to downsize you all the way down to the ground. Hold on, look at what Jesus did for the blind man who called out for mercy to Jesus despite the disciples’ eff orts to shut him up and shut him down (Mark 10:46-50). Once the man was blind and now he sees. Jesus is who He always is. Jesus promises, My Father never stops working, and so I keep working too (John 5:17). Perhaps you or yours are experiencing a collision in your body, in need of a passport to renewed health. Hold on, look at what Jesus did for the paralyzed man unable to move (Mark 2:1-12). People tried to block his blessing to get close to the Lord. Jesus always sees where you are standing or lying. Jesus is a rescuer and a healer. People today are standing up on their own two feet because Jesus is a healer. Won’t Jesus work it out? Jesus is who He always is. Our Lord promises, my Father never stops working, and so I keep working too (John 5:17).

Here’s the deal. Whatever season you or yours are going through, always remember that Jesus continues to say, “My Father never stops working, and so I keep working too” (John 5:17). This promise defines who Jesus is, who Jesus always will be and how He works for you. Jesus is the savior of the world. Jesus is the way out of no way. Jesus is the healer and miracle worker. Jesus is the teacher and the rescuer. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Jesus is the door to spiritual life. Jesus is the light of the world. Jesus is the Good Shepherd. Jesus is the True Vine. Jesus is the Bread of Life. Jesus Is Everything! Remember this as Jesus becomes your everything. God is writing your story, don’t take the pen out of His hand. And make your next chapter in your story, the best chapter because Jesus is Everything!

With everything that is going on I have to have faith in this and know that God has this. God is in control as always and he is working on it. May the Lord give us the strength to hang on during this time of crisis, know that we will get through this and do what we can do best by serving those who may need us during this time. You are the hands of Christ here. Call the elderly, help them, check up on them so they aren’t so lonely. Call our love ones who are in the nursing home especially if they are not allowed visitors. There is so much we can do.

The Cultural Diversity Celebration 2020 has been postponed.


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