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Therapy duck’s visit spreads joy


TONAWANDA — Students and faculty at Cardinal O’Hara High School thought they heard a duck quacking in the hallways on Tuesday morning. 

Gus the therapy duck is in good hands with Isabel Krajewski (left) and Kiera Douglas, seniors at Cardinal O’Hara High School, who brought the Cayuga duck to Cardinal O’Hara to spread joy. (Photo courtesy of Cardinal O’Hara High School)

It seems their hearing was fine when Isabel Krajewski, a senior at O’Hara and her friend Kiera Douglas, also a senior, brought in Gus, an 8-month old Cayuga duck that is a certified therapy duck.

“It’s my mom’s,” Krajewski said. “She’s a teacher and has used it in class and she thought Cardinal O’Hara would be a good place to visit.”

The duck, black with glistening green feathers on its neck and back, loves to be held.

“He really gives emotional support,” Douglas explained. “Some kids love him and some just don’t understand.”

According to the two students, Gus thinks he’s a dog.

“When we’re driving, he likes to stick his head out of the window and get out of the restraining strap,” Krajewski laughed.

“He’s very talkative,” Douglas said. “You can tell by the quacks he makes if he’s happy, angry, content or needs attention.”

Gus also enjoys water, both drinking it and being in it.

“The problem is,” Krajewski said, “he cannot walk and so cannot swim straight, but he enjoys tub time in the bathtub.”

“He brings us joy and that’s what any therapy animal Is all about,” Douglas said.


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