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Quo Vadis men’s ministry revs up new season


“Challenging times call for challenging approaches.” That’s what motivates the men’s ministry group known as Quo Vadis.

These men look to strengthen the traditional role of men. Feeling masculinity has been under attack and portrayed in a false light, Quo Vadis examines the role of men in today’s society.

Men facing a fork in the road may want to stop by a Quo Vadis meeting.

“It’s a ministry for men, by men,” said Kenneth May, founding member. “Basically, we see masculinity as a good. It’s not toxic. It’s something that if used properly it’s for the benefit of all. We teach about the Church and the family, and we do that with the transcendentals of truth, goodness and beauty.”

The local group started nearly three years ago with 10-12 men attending each meeting to share their concerns on how to approach the culture and pass the faith onto their families in light of all the difficulties they see in today’s culture.

“Just looking to respond to the culture. There’s a lot going on where families are under siege,” said May. “Basically, we’re just trying to teach men there are things you can do according to what you are called to do. For some men, you’re called to be a good example to your family. That’s all you can do right now because you’re busy with raising a family. Some men might be called to go out into the streets and protest, say against an abortion facility. Things like that.”

Sessions involve teaching on virtues and how to apply them in their lives, followed by a group discussion at the end. The Four Cardinal Virtues, issues in schools, and the sacrament of reconciliation have been covered in the past.

May said Quo Vadis is not a prayer group or typical fellowship meeting.

“It’s more educational. The idea is to get the knowledge out there into people’s hands, then show them ways that they can apply that to their lives.”

Quo Vadis is open to all men from teens to adults. They meet at Our Lady of Pompeii Parish in Lancaster, the fourth Monday of every month, except summer.

The next meeting will take place this coming Monday at 7 p.m. at Our Lady of Pompeii’s Marian Room in the Ministry Center. 

Any questions or concerns? Contact quovadisbuffalo@protonmail.com.