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Nativity honors Mother Mary in May


HARRIS HILL — May is the month of Mary, the Mother of God and our mother. Nativity of Mary School is honoring Mary by inviting students to bring in flowers all month long. Today Father Ronald Sajdak assisted the kindergarten students in placing flowers near the Mary statue in our main foyer. 

Father Ronald Sajdak and students from Nativity of Mary School in Harris Hill. (Photo courtesy of Nativity of Mary School)

The custom of honoring Mary in May dates back several centuries. Many cultures would celebrate spring and rebirth by honoring goddesses of flowers. In medieval times, a 30-day devotion to Mary took place from mid August to mid September. Around the 17th century, the month of Mary became May.

Common traditions include daily recitation of the rosary during May, and erecting a special May altar with a statue or picture of Mary. Additionally, it’s a long-standing tradition to crown the statue of Mary during May – a custom known as May Crowning. Often, the crown is made of beautiful blossoms representing Mary’s beauty and virtue. It’s also a reminder to the faithful to strive to imitate our Blessed Mother’s virtue in their own lives.