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Hero Day comes to Catholic Academy of Niagara Falls


Who are the heroes in your lives? The students of Catholic Academy of Niagara Falls thought about this during Catholic Schools Week.

Often Superman or an athlete that comes to mind. Will we ever meet one of those heroes? Maybe, but as we all know, heroes are everywhere. Heroes work in our communities and our schools. They live in our homes. 

“We want our students to look up to our community superheroes and to have them as role models,” said Assistant Principal Joseph Dzielski. “Our students came in with wonderful stories of their heroes and were proud to dress like them. We had students dress like their parents, our teachers, athletes, and, of course, Superman.” 

In connection with the “Dress like your Hero,” event, students had the opportunity to see, explore, and climb in some of the important vehicles that community superheroes use every day. 

“We have first responders in our school families, and we were honored to have them join us,” said Dzielski. “We want our students to emulate these community superheroes in their daily lives. We wanted our students to see that police officers aren’t scary. They are ready to care for us.”

Throughout the week, students also dressed for Beach Day and Come Cozy Day in pajamas, They also had a Neon Party with glow sticks and a lip sync battle.

National Catholic Schools Week is an annual celebration of Catholic education in the United States. Now entering its 49th anniversary year,  Schools typically observe the week with Masses, assemblies and other activities for students, families, parishioners and community members to celebrate. 


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