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Bishop Fisher

Thanksgiving message from Bishop Fisher


My Dear Friends,

I would like to take a moment and wish everyone in the Diocese of Buffalo a happy Thanksgiving. This most special American holiday is an occasion to pause and take stock of the blessings we enjoy which have less to do with material wealth than they do with the goodness we experience each day – the comfort of friendships; the assurance of care and concern of others; the knowledge that we are loved beyond comprehension by God our Creator.  

Bishop Fisher offers a blessing.

At the same time, it’s an occasion when we gather together to share a sumptuous meal and those time-honored traditions that, in many cases, have been passed down from parents, grandparents or great-grandparents.

We are especially mindful of those who do not enjoy abundance in their lives. As such, it’s a time when we witness so many acts of kindness – Thanksgiving celebrations in parishes, VFW halls, and community centers, home delivery of meals and those special baked goods that make this time of year so festive. 

Thank you to all who give of yourselves to make Thanksgiving Day something special for others. Those of you who toil many hours cooking and baking so that someone else might enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner demonstrate a spirit of generosity that is the very essence of the holiday season begun on Thanksgiving and with the first Sunday of Advent.

I encourage you to check on those who deserve special concern and to do whatever is possible to ease their burden and provide for their essential needs.


Bishop Michael W. Fisher


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