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Blessing new young drivers


The diocesan Office of Renewal offers prayers where they are needed the most. Why not put a smile on the face of every parent who has a teenager by hosting a blessing of all new teenage drivers in your school or parish. 

Possible prayer (adapt as needed)

O God, yours is the beginning and the ending of our journey:

We thank you for these youth and all that has brought them to this moment.

We thank you for their keen sense of adventure,

their confidence, and their willingness to take the risks that go with learning to be a good driver.

We thank you for all that makes them ready to be behind the wheel.

Be with them whenever they venture onto the road;

Always be alert in them to what lies ahead, behind, and beside;

May they enjoy the ride, protect their passengers and reach their destination safely. 

We ask this through Jesus Christ. Amen.