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Lent and Easter

Passion procession sets tone for Easter at Cardinal O’Hara

Wilson Hendershot leads the Passion procession followed by (from left) Guem Guem, Maxwell Hendershot, drummer Michael Ross and Braelyn Tucciarone. (Photo courtesy of Cardinal O’Harsa High School)

TONAWANDA — Cardinal O’Hara High School continued its annual Passion Procession as a lead-in to Easter on Friday, April 8. Students in Antoinette Castaldo’s Spanish class made and carried four floats depicting the life of Jesus in a procession throughout the school.

The procession was led by, from left Guem Guem, Maxwell Hendershot, Wilson Hendershot, Michael Ross and Braelyn Tucciarone.

The procession proceeded with students carrying candles to each hallway in the school where it was joined by students and teachers in a silent walk to the Performing Art Center.

A passion play depicted the last hours of Jesus’ life from the Last Supper to the scourging and then the crucifixion. Jesus was portrayed by Dylan Flynt.

Spanish teacher Cheryl Steingasser helped organize the procession. Principal Mary Holzerland explained that the procession is common in Spanish-speaking countries and is a tradition that Cardinal O’Hara has kept for the past 12 years. She complimented the students for their participation and wished them a safe, blessed Easter.