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Notre Dame Academy answers call from South Buffalo pantry

Tyler brings in his self-purchased donation. (Photo by Miss Sheehan/Notre Dame Academy)

When a  request went out asking for help supporting a local food pantry, students of Notre Dame Academy answered.  

After reading about the Bishop Kmiec Food Pantry running a bit low on inventory in the Our Lady of Charity Parish bulletin, students began to collect canned goods and box mixes for the local storeroom.

Max checks to make sure he is providing well-balanced meals for the guests of the Bishop Kmiec Food Pantry. (Photo by Miss Sheehan/Notre Dame Academy)

The students of Notre Dame Academy’s Okell middle school campus attend weekly Mass at Our Lady of Charity and decided to take on this request as a campus-wide service project. Each Tuesday, students filled a shopping cart with jars of peanut butter and jelly, cans of beans, corn, boxes of instant potatoes and cake mixes, among other items.

One week, Tyler needed a hand bringing his donation down to the church. Spending his own hard-earned money, the fifth-grader made a generous donation of 78 canned goods to help those in need. His classmate, Max, topped that by bringing in 80 items. 

The Bishop Kmiec Food Pantry in South Buffalo is run by Catholic Charities.


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