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CTK School enjoys party before the storm


SNYDER — Christ the King School was able to party it up for Catholic Schools Week before Buffalo’s latest snow storm hit. 

Students at Christ the King School in Snyder enjoy a glow party thanks to Apex Leadership Co. (Photo courtesy of Christ the King School)

On Feb. 3, the elementary school held a glow party and leadership event. All the kids from prekindergarten through eighth grade took part in fitness moves that were sponsored by donations. What made this better than gym class were the glow sticks and black lights used. 

The event was used to raise money for a new roof for the school’s gymnasium. 

Christ the King faculty worked with Apex Leadership Co., a locally owned company that provides a two-week interactive school leadership program that encourages development of leadership habits and good character, combined with a fitness-focused event fundraiser that helps schools raise much needed funds to make the event fun for all the students. 

The glow party, also known as an Apex Remix Event, is a high energy, celebratory fitness event held at the end of the two-week program. Students get to have a ton of fun and be active. Students will be challenged to complete up to 36 fitness moves to fun upbeat music. 


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