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Interactive workshop: Healing Oils of the Bible held at Blessed Sacrament in Buffalo


Blessed Sacrament Church in Buffalo is pleased to announce that a special interactive workshop, Healing Oils of The Bible, will be held on Sunday, Oct. 17. Michael Pitek will lead this experiential learning session from 1-3 p.m. in St. Joseph’s Hall at Blessed Sacrament Church, 1029 Delaware Ave.

Parishioners, friends and neighbors are invited to attend this special free workshop. Pitek will cover 10 significant oils that are mentioned in the Bible: aloes/sacred sandalwood, cassia, frankincense, myrrh, myrtle, cedar/cedarwood, cypress, hyssop, onycha, and rose of sharon/cistus. Participants will learn the historical and Biblical significance of each oil; discover where these oils are mentioned in Scripture; understand the medicinal properties and medicinal uses of each oil; interact with the oils on olfactory and tactile sensory levels; and discover how the oils can be used in our lives today to enhance one’s personal health and sense of well-being.

In addition to the educational takeaways listed above, participants will receive DIY oil recipes for everyday use. Special giveaways will also occur.

Registrations are required for this free workshop. Reservations must be made by Oct. 15. To register contact Michael Pitek at Michael@thepitekgroup.com or 716-480-8313.

The Healing Oils of the Bible is an educational program offered by the parish as a part of the Church on Fire: Stay With Us! series of lectures, concerts, educational programs, religious services, social events, and service projects. These 10 months of programming represent the parish opening their doors to all: longtime parishioners, new parishioners, curious non-parishioners, and community friends and neighbors in an effort to build community.


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