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OLV Elementary School announces new principal – Sherri Bartz


OLV Elementary School in Lackawanna welcomed Sherri Bartz as its new principal on March 1. The Batavia resident has 30 years of experience in education and administration. 

Bartz has worked as assistant principal for Warsaw Central School, vice principal of St. Joseph School in Batavia, coordinator of Special Education for Greece Central School District, and director of Upward Bound Programs and Genesee Community College. Prior to accepting this position, Bartz worked at OLV Human Services as an administrator of curriculum from pre-K3 through 12th grade. 

“We are incredibly fortunate that Mrs. Bartz accepted this position as she has extensive experience in both public and Catholic education institutions,” said Msgr. David G. LiPuma, pastor and rector of OLV National Shrine & Basilica. “She brings a wealth of knowledge in areas such as teaching, leadership, counseling and special education. We are so blessed to be moving forward with Mrs. Bartz at the helm.”

“I’ve been a Catholic my whole life, so I’m excited to share that part of me in my work,” Bartz said. “I really feel this is a calling of mine.”

The mission of OLV Elementary School is to provide quality Catholic education modeled after the ideals of its founder Venerable Nelson H. Baker by fostering Christian values, academic excellence, and global awareness to develop well-educated, responsible individuals. 

To learn more about Sherri Bartz watch this introduction at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejAmZ2zWIEY&t=4s.


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