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St. Mary School Announces Virtual Interactive Open House


St. Mary School Swormville has created an opportunity to attend a school open house as if you were attending in person. The current pandemic has challenged us all to redesign the ways in which we work, we attend school, we grocery shop and live as a family. A school open house has always been an interactive event for both parent and child. Videos certainly can assist in getting the feel of a school and its classrooms, but, the personal interaction is absent that is critical to understanding the new classroom and school environment for your child.

On January 31st, Catholic Schools Week at St. Mary School will launch with a newly redesigned Virtual Interactive Open House. Much time and effort has been put into creating and organizing this important event for all. 

Premiering at 10:00 a.m., a series of Virtual Grade Level Tours will be available in separate links providing parents and children a snapshot into their grade classrooms in an informative short video. Additional separate links will be available for classroom tours in: Technology & Maker Space, AIS Academic Intervention, Music, Art & Spanish, along with PE & Sports.

At 12:15 p.m. Individual Virtual Chat rooms will open up for parents to visit and will run until 2:00 p.m. These chat rooms, via the Zoom platform, will take you to individual teachers by grade and classrooms so that you may ask questions and have one on one personal conversations with teachers. There will also be a Parent to Parent Chatroom to join in and visit as well. All links will be available on the St. Mary School Website @ http://www.stmaryschoolswormville.org

Catholic Schools have a history of offering more to the academic, emotional and spiritual development of children and especially now in these challenging times. They offer a family support and flexibility in providing an education for the whole child while serving the entire family. Due to their typical smaller size, they are able to facilitate faster changes in learning models as necessary for academic advancement while adhering to and or exceeding all safety DOH standards. Smaller schools, smaller classrooms offer children a more personal level of academic, emotional, and spiritual attention especially necessary during this time of maintaining social isolation for safety. As a result of these unique offerings, many parents have been transferring their children to smaller Catholic schools and find an extraordinary advantage to doing so. 

St.  Mary School Swormville has been a leader throughout the coronavirus pandemic in recreating a learning environment for children in this fast paced world.  Whether driven by a climate of in-school or at-home learning, they continually offer excellence in the development of mind, body and soul for our beloved children. 

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