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Decision reached on fire damaged Our Lady of the Lake worship site in Lyndonville


Following a period of consultation with diocesan officials, the pastor and parish leaders from Our Lady of the Lake Parish and its Family of Parishes, a decision has been made that Our Lake of the Lake’s St. Joseph worship site in Lyndonville will not be rebuilt following the late February fire that caused extensive damage.

On Feb. 28, a fire in a classroom structure attached to the church caused substantial damage to the building. Because of that extensive damage to the church, no Masses have been able to becelebrated at the worship site that was founded as St. Joseph Parish 117 years ago.

In a letter to parishioners at weekend Masses, Pastor Mark Noonan said, “The event of this fire was both shocking and saddening for all of us. We love our churches. … Over the course of the past few months, it became apparent that St. Joseph’s worship site could not be sustained long-term, and thus we could not responsibly take the step of rebuilding it following the fire. I know that our entire Catholic community in Eastern Niagara and Orleans counties,

Family of Parishes #11, is here to come together and to build one another up in the grace and life of the Holy Spirit.”Family of Parishes #11 includes Our Lady of the Lake (St. Patrick’s) in Barker; St. Mary’s, Holley; St. Mark’s, Kendall; Holy Family, Albion; and Holy Trinity (St. Mary’s and St. Stephen’s), Medina/Middleport.

Work will begin to create appropriate memorials honoring St. Joseph’s at St. Patrick’s in Barker and St. Mary’s in Medina. St. Mary Church is a 10-minute drive from Lyndonville, while St. Patrick’s is 15-minutes away.

As a result of the pastoral planning process, St. Patrick Parish in Barker merged with St. Joseph Parish in Lyndonville March 30, 2009. The merged parish was then named Our Lady of the Lake. St. Patrick’s became the primary worship site and Lyndonville became the secondary site.