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Trocaire College receives $88,000 from New York State Foster Youth College Success Initiative


To help 10 eligible foster youth students offset the cost of attending college, Trocaire College, a private, Catholic college providing a pathway for students to build careers of achievement and lives of purpose, announced it has received $88,000 through New York State’s Foster Youth College Success Initiative program.

“Looking for funding opportunities like the Foster Youth College Success Initiative is just another way that we work on behalf of our students, many of whom are also raising a family and working to make ends meet, to help them mitigate tuition costs and other related college expenses,” said Kathleen Saunders, vice president of enrollment and student affairs, Trocaire College. “By lessening the financial burden, students are able to focus more on their academics to successfully complete their chosen program and begin on their new career path.”

The FYCSI program was established to provide college-related funding such as tuition and housing, specifically for students who have spent time in foster care at any time after their 13th birthday or who are eligible orphans. Recipients must meet all eligibility requirements, which include enrollment in a New York State college or university that also has a Higher Education Opportunities Program and meet the federal Higher Education Act definition of a foster youth or orphan.

In August 2022, Trocaire students who indicated on their financial aid forms that they might have been in foster care were notified and asked to submit a consent form to determine eligibility for the FYCSI grant. Ten Trocaire students were determined to be eligible for the grant with the average age of the recipients being 34. These students are pursuing degrees in nursing and certificates in practical nursing, with three graduating during the 2022-2023 academic year.

Rachel Rose ’24, is currently enrolled in Trocaire’s registered nursing program. “I’ve always wanted to be a nurse and have dedicated myself to pursuing that career, but not working a full-time job to allow time for classes and studying has an impact,” she said. “I never thought anything positive would come from being in foster care, but receiving this funding has helped in both taking care of my daughter and her schooling and paying for my own studies.”

 Trocaire’s HEOP office is reaching out to potential recipients for the 2023-24 academic year to submit a consent form for review by September 2023.