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A Light unto my Path Action Plan enshrines work of the Road to Renewal


As the tongues of fire of the Holy Spirit came to rest on the heads of the Apostles and Mary during the Feast of Pentecost signaling the birth of the Christian Church, the modern Church is coming out of the fire of extreme challenges of the abuse crisis and the declining number of priests, as well as parishioners in the pews.

Since his arrival more than two years ago, Bishop Michael W. Fisher has been actively listening to all people in the diocese to understand the needs and help fashion a plan to move our faithful forward in these challenging times.

From this work, Bishop Fisher is now announcing a comprehensive action plan called, A Light unto my path…guiding us through 2026.  The plan is structured to:

  • instill a sense of hope and renew faith,
  • restore trust,
  • develop leadership,
  • align around a common strategy, and,
  • deepen our commitment to share our talents, and to serve those in need.

“My goal is to harness the immense talent of our people in the Diocese of Buffalo to renew our faith and to ensure our ministry meets our people’s needs now and into the future,” said Bishop Fisher.

The plan is based on the following five goals that seek to achieve the overall goal of renewing parish life, renewing the faith in the diocese while enshrining the work of the Road to Renewal.

Those goals are:

Goal 1 – Renewal of Parish Life

Goal 2 – Forming Disciples

Goal 3 – Optimizing Financial Resources

Goal 4 – Accountability

Goal 5 – Enlarging Our Tent

In subsequent stories, we’ll provide a deeper dive into these five goals and how the diocese will carry out A Light unto my path … guiding us through 2026.