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Bishop Fisher News

Statement from Bishop Michael W. Fisher on the Deadline of the Child Victims Act


“The Diocese is fully focused on fulfilling what this process initiated by the Child Victims Act is all about, namely, bringing about a sense of restitution, closure and healing for those who were abused by members of the clergy.  This is a tragedy of truly epic proportions and as I have maintained since day one as bishop of the Diocese of Buffalo, it is of paramount importance to deal with these allegations forthrightly and to work to repair the enormous damage that has been done not only to the reputation of the Church here in Western New York, but most importantly to the lives of those affected. 

“The process now continues and will be a protracted one as we work through the legal requirements with the court-appointed creditors’ committee, which of course includes abuse survivors.   We will also be working with the various insurance carriers of the Diocese as we address the financial implications of these many claims.  It is my hope and fervent prayer – and I know the hope of many of the Faithful across our Diocese – that we can move forward and ultimately bring a close to this very painful and sordid chapter which in no way obscures the tremendous good accomplished each and every day by our Church and those who live faithfully the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

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