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Bishop Fisher

Statement of Bishop Michael W. Fisher on guilty verdict in the murder of George Floyd


On April 20, former police officer Derek Chauvin was found guilty of in the death of George Floyd, who was killed during an arrest in Minneapolis last May.

Bishop Michael Fisher released the following statement calling peace and equality.

“Today’s verdict of accountability in the tragic killing of George Floyd is an important step in healing the deep wounds of racial tension caused by his senseless killing. The agonizing images of his confrontation with those sworn to protect and serve, and the final moments of life, will forever challenge us and must always compel us to create a more compassionate and just society, where all enjoy equal rights and protections under the law. I implore all who wish to demonstrate to do so peacefully and in ways that lead to greater understanding, dialogue and meaningful change. We pray for the family and community of George Floyd that our loving and compassionate God will ease their pain and provide them comfort.”