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Local doctors change lives through surgery overseas
21 hours ago by KIMBERLEE SABSHIN

For a group of local doctors, serving the poor is about improving people’s lives by donating costly medical care, time and much-needed surgeries. In May and June, a retired priest of the diocese was among a group that traveled to Ghana and Rome with the Hope for Tomorrow Foundation, an organization of doctors and surgeons based in Williamsville, that provides reconstructive surgeries at no cost.

Ed Tech Day refurbishes computers for schools
2 days ago by MARK CIEMCIOCH

Eight Catholic elementary schools received a much needed upgrade this summer, as volunteers throughout the Diocese of Buffalo refurbished and installed fresh computers and equipment during the 11th annual Ed Tech Day on Aug. 19.


In June, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down a decision in the case of Burwell vs. Hobby Lobby. The Court said that the owners of Hobby Lobby, the Green family – devout Christians – are free to run their business according to their religious beliefs. The Greens had objected to paying for certain kinds of contraception in their employee health insurance plan, specifically, four different kinds of contraception that can cause early abortions.


Five cold snowy days in winter allowed an 83-year-old woman an opportunity to reflect on her life and write it down. Mary Carol Herwood, Ph.D., used those days, snowbound in her Hamburg home, to write her second book, “Psalms of an 83-year-old Woman.”

Historic Niagara Falls parish continues welcoming tradition
Monday, August 18, 2014 by CECILIA DRISCOLL

The steeple rises the exact height that the Niagara River falls into the gorge at the American Falls a few blocks away. St. Mary of the Cataract Church in Niagara Falls has embraced its rich metaphors since its early beginnings as a mission parish of St. John Neumann. Ministering within this tradition is Father Jacek Mazur, pastor. 

Calling All (listening) Catholics ... WLOF celebrates 15 years
Friday, August 15, 2014 by MARK CIEMCIOCH

With all the changes in the media landscape over the past decade, it may seem odd to think back to a time when Western New York didn’t have its own dedicated Catholic radio station, but this month WLOF 101.7 FM celebrates 15 extraordinary years, and The Station of the Cross is continuing to grow.

St. Clare Parish begins making parish focus statements
Thursday, August 14, 2014 by KIMBERLEE SABSHIN

Currently, the pastoral council of St. Clare Parish in Buffalo is in the process of establishing parish focus statements and a mission statement to more clearly express the parish goals. Completed drafts of two of these focus statements have been placed in the back of the church to make sure people are aware of how the parish aims to serve the community.